Disneyland Will Put a Spell on You With This Halloween-Perfect Mocktail

When Disneyland does something, it does it big — and Halloween is no exception. The park's themed seasonal menu is full of surprises that will please any park visitor, from ice cream to alcohol. But if a boozy Halloween cocktail isn't your drink of choice, don't worry. There's a nonalcoholic drink option out there that's perfect for kids, expectant mamas, and any nondrinkers visiting the park during the spooky season: enter Green Apple Spell Lemonade from Smokejumpers Grill in Disney's California Adventure park, complete with a "blood spatter" cherry garnish.

For $5, you can enjoy the apple-infused lemonade with "cherry drops," which social media users describe as similar to boba tapioca balls and bright red cherry syrup. The overall effect is bloody brilliant and perfect for a bit of scary fun during your next Disney park visit. Check out these photos . . . you'll find yourself craving one faster than you can say, "Boo!"