Where the Wild Moms Are Is the Hysterical Interpretation Every Busy Parent Can Relate To

Written by Katie Blackburn as a reinterpretation of a beloved classic, Where the Wild Moms Are is a must read for any parent hoping for a good laugh.

In a spin on the popular children's book, one mom finds herself in a very relatable situation: looking for a break from the constant chaos at home. After finding a chance for fun among an imaginary island filled with "wild moms" who spend their days dancing with wine, the torn mother must decide between her newfound refuge and her family waiting back home.

This isn't the first time Blackburn has paid tribute to Maurice Sendak's Where the Wild Things Are. The author loved the book so much that she named her 2-year-old son after the protagonist, Max. "This book was written as a sort of homage to the original, but also as a bit of fun," Blackburn told The Huffington Post. "It's also a nod to how much moms do just to keep it altogether."

Not only did Blackburn dedicate the book to moms everywhere, whom she considers absolute heroes, but she also understands firsthand the upheaval you go through as a new parent and wants women to feel comfortable admitting how intense that period in their life can be. "It's very easy to get so caught up in the day to day madness of life with a small child and completely neglect your own sanity," she said. "You're so busy trying to do right by them, keep them safe, well fed, napping at the supposedly right times . . . so I hope the book nudges parents to have a night off too!"