Dwayne Johnson Shares Why He Had That "Scary" Experience in the ER With His 2-Year-Old

Dwayne Johnson, who shared with his followers back in February that he was brushing up on his infant-CPR skills before welcoming his second daughter with girlfriend Lauren Hashian, took to Instagram about a week later to share a "scary" experience with his 2-year-old daughter, Jasmine. Although the dad didn't go into too much detail at the time, he shared that he was up all night with his adorable little girl in the emergency room at UCLA Medical Center.

Now, over a month later, the dad shared with Extra what brought him and Jasmine into the ER in the first place. "About three weeks ago, in the middle of the night, she wound up having like a croupy cough which a lot of parents out there know," Johnson told Mario Lopez. "So we experienced that, and then she also had a problem breathing in that moment . . . it got a little hairy. Called 911."

In his original post to Instagram on March 6, Johnson was pretty vague, but was thankful to everyone who was involved for being so compassionate and responsive, especially the 911 operator who kept him calm and walked him through the process, the Los Angeles Fire Department's first responders, and the UCLA medical team. In addition to commenting on the caring individuals who got him through the "hairy" experience, the 45-year-old shared a bit of advice for parents, in case they ever go through a similar frightening experience with their own kids.

"To all you mommies and daddies out there, when emergencies like this happen I would just highly recommend that you stay as calm and as focused as possible because our little babies . . . they pick up on what we're putting out, especially in times of stress."