Why H&M Is My One-Stop Shop For the Whole Family

Before having children, I enjoyed leisurely shopping wherever I wanted, whenever I wanted, and for however long I wanted. This included browsing all the fun collections at H&M and picking out all kinds of comfy, cute, and affordable pieces for my wardrobe. Once I found out I was expecting a baby, I was excited to try its MAMA line, which I ended up living in while pregnant and easily transitioned into wearing while nursing after I had my baby girl. I can't stress enough how important it was to easily find cute, well-fitting maternity and nursing clothes at a time I already felt uncomfortable and different.

Once that little bundle of joy was out and wearing the adorable jumpsuit I picked up for her while shopping months before, I noticed that my leisurely trips to the mall were no longer a reality. I was not going to let this stop me from shopping at my favorite store, though, so late-night breastfeeding sessions turned into online shopping sprees from my phone. Since I was awake all night long with a new baby, I took my time perusing H&M's website and one night found myself picking out things for my husband as well. He'd been wearing the same few pairs of jeans since we met 10 years before, and I just so happened to see a pair advertised that looked very similar to the ones he was so comfortable in. I figured why not try to sneak these into his wardrobe and convert his aversion to trying new clothes. I added them to the cart along with a few nursing tops and dresses for me and some onesies for my daughter, checked out, and never looked back.

So that's where my love affair with all things H&M was rekindled. Once I realized I could shop there for the whole family, I was hooked. Knowing that a trip to the mall with two kids by myself will be more manageable because we only have to stop at one store that'll have clothes for us all made me feel accomplished even before I started shopping. It really is so nice to be able to walk into a store and know I can walk out with something perfect for each person in our family.

H&M is also my go-to spot for any last-minute occasion shopping, like when we had a wedding coming up and I realized none of us had anything to wear. I was able to find a suit for my husband, an adorable tulle dress for my daughter, a tiny blue blazer for my son (because who doesn't love a toddler in a blazer?), and a wrap-front dress for me (and a maxi dress I just so happened to grab as a bonus while walking past the sale rack). The stress of having nothing for our upcoming event evaporated the moment I walked into the store.

Being able to purchase new clothes for all four of us without breaking the bank is also important to me, and that's just what happens every time I check out. Having an affordable place to shop is especially important when kids are growing at exponential rates and need new clothes often. I love that we can also rely on H&M for the necessities for every season, like swimwear for all of us, snow gear, light jackets for Spring, and sweatshirts for crisp Fall nights. And while my trips to the store may not be as leisurely as they once were and are filled with snack bribes for the littlest one and some bargaining on which pieces to buy for the older one now that she has her own sense of style, I'm pretty thrilled I get to walk out with wardrobes for the entire family.