1 Woman Says You Should Never Look For a Partner Who "Completes You"

Jenna Kutcher doesn't hold back on Instagram when it comes to discussing body image, but recently she used her social media influence to open up about what makes a strong marriage — and obviously, it has nothing to do with what either partner looks like. She explained that being able to support each other during the hard times is the key to a healthy relationship.

"[Drew] has a heart of gold, abs of steel, and he's the most loyal human I've ever met," she wrote. "He's been my best friend for the last ten years, has grieved with me through our miscarriages, taken risks that have scared the heck out of him, and held my hand in church on Sunday."

Jenna admitted that although they enjoy curling up and binge-watching This Is Us together while she cries her eyeballs out, she told POPSUGAR that it's the small, less-memorable moments that truly make her relationship stronger than ever:

There are a million reasons I love Drew. I love him because we still fall asleep holding hands after being married for almost seven years. I love that he's a total softie for our dogs and sneaks them scraps under the table. I love that my car is warmed up for me before I leave the house and that my slippers always end up right by my side of the bed no matter where I leave them in the house. I love that he loves vacuuming and keeping the house clean and tidy while I move through like a hurricane. I love that he can talk to anyone with a smile and extends grace to those who don't deserve it. He started as my best friend, and to this day, he's the one I want to do life with.

While she's head over heels for her man, she has a reminder for women whether they're still on the market or happily married: you are enough and completely worthy of love.

"Ladies, wait for the man that loves you well, that wakes up every day and chooses you, that comes alive in your presence and poses for stupid Instagram photos with a smile," she said. "Choose the man who celebrates your power, is your number one fan, and who handles the urgency of a mac and cheese craving like a champ."

The moral of the story? You don't need a partner in order to be the very best version of yourself. "Don't look for the one who completes you, you are already whole and complete. This isn't about being worthy, you already are. It's about waiting for the one who recognizes that worthiness and wholeness every single day."