After 5 Years of Infertility, Wife Tells Husband She's Pregnant in the Sweetest Way

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We love a good pregnancy announcement, and this one easily tops the list of the most emotional. After 10 years of marriage and five of infertility, Doug Price and his wife are finally having a baby, and the mom-to-be shared the news with her husband in such a subtle, creative way. The couple celebrated their honeymoon in Aruba, so they thought it would be fun to enter to win a trip to the island for their 10-year anniversary — or for their "babymoon." You have to see Doug's look of utter shock and happiness when his wife pulls a positive pregnancy test from her pocket.

"My wife says that she can never surprise me . . . well she got me pretty good with this one," Doug wrote. "We did not win the trip, but I still think we got the better end of the deal."