Willy Wonka Fans Are About to Go All Veruca Salt Over the New Personalized "Golden Ticket" Book

If you're a fan of the Roald Dahl classic Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (who isn't?), then prepare to channel your inner Veruca Salt when you see the new Willy Wonka-inspired book, My Golden Ticket . . . "I want it now!"

And this book, which was just released today, isn't just any delectable read that every child experiences the exact same way. In true Wonka style, no two literary adventures will be the same. As the title suggests, each reader becomes a Golden Ticket winner and is led on an unforgettable personal journey, not just with the child's name as the book's main character but also with a custom candy bar, a unique Oompa Loompa song, and a special family tree. You can even add your own name to the mix and accompany them in the story. Plus, thanks to publisher Wonderbly's highly sophisticated technology, the factory tour itself takes different twists and turns from one book to the next.

Speaking of the tour, nostalgic Dahl fans will be excited to note that while some of the rooms featured in My Golden Ticket are homages to the original book and film, others have never been seen before and have been taken from the late author's original notes.

According to Wonderbly, which is no stranger to imaginative, personalized books (just check out its Lost My Name series to see for yourself), this journal-style book "embodies our mission to make children believe that they can be and do anything they can imagine . . . that any story could be their story."

My Golden Ticket can be ordered exclusively from Wonderbly — simply fill out a few fields to customize and choose either a softcover ($29) or a hardback ($36) format. The rest won't be discovered until the book — and that fateful ticket — arrives on your doorstep. Want it now, Veruca? You got it.

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