Let’s Raise Our Glass to This List of Wines You Should Pair With Your Kid's Homework

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If you've ever done homework with your child when the numbers on their long division homework suddenly started to blur, and thought to yourself, "Wow, I could really use a drink," you're absolutely not alone. The hilarious Kim and Penn Holderness are here to help you figure out which wines you should pair with each subject of homework — well, until they get to science projects, because that's a whole other story! — by running down the list of their daughter Lola's school subjects.

"For science, try a Cabernet," Kim says. "It's complex like this packet on cloud formation that her teacher just sent home, and dense like me trying to explain it to her. After all, all the science I remember is vinegar plus baking soda equals volcano." Watch the video above to see what wine you should pair with your child's homework, but once the homework tuns into a temper tantrum, this list of pairings will help you with your child's crappy behavior. Bottoms up!