There's a Good Reason This Woman's Post About Her Miscarriage Experience Is Going Viral

Emily Fauver went into her first sonogram appointment knowing exactly what her baby should look like after searching through hundreds of photos with the hashtag "#8weeks" on Instagram, but when she finally got to see her scan, she immediately knew something was wrong. "This was a day my husband and I had been waiting for, for over a year," she wrote on Facebook. "But these images were different . . . something was wrong. I saw nothing because my body was just hours away from miscarrying."

Her post continues, outlining the tragic details of the events that came after her doctor confirmed her suspicions and explained to her what her body was going to go through.

"My doctor didn't let me leave without warning and she was right about everything. But what she didn't warn me about was everything that would happen after the initial heartbreak and pain.

She didn't tell me I was going to be reminded for weeks to come because my body was going to take that long to "clean out." She didn't tell me I was going to have to watch my husband weep. She didn't tell me how hard it was going to be to tell my mom what had happened. She didn't tell me that my body was going to continue thinking it was pregnant for weeks to come. She didn't tell me how hard it was going be to tell people I was fine when I wasn't. She didn't tell me that this was going to make me a jealous person over-night. She didn't tell me how much harder the question "when are you having kids?" was going to be. And she didn't tell me that it was going to be so hard losing someone I had never met.

But she did tell me it was okay to cry and she did tell me that I wasn't alone.

Miscarriages are SO real and so common, in fact, one out of four women experience a miscarriage; but don't let that confuse you into thinking it hurts any less. As large as this statistic is, I still felt alone and I have finally figured out why: because no one talks about it."

More and more women have started to open up with their own heartbreaking miscarriage stories of late, and Fauver's post about her experience is similarly going viral simply because she was willing to put herself out there and openly and honestly discuss this unfortunately common experience.

"It wasn't until I started talking about it to my friends and family that I slowly realized I wasn't alone," she wrote. "People may wonder why I choose to talk about this after months have passed, but it's the harsh reality that time really doesn't heal all wounds so I am hoping sharing my story will help with the healing process. . . . I am sharing this so that maybe one less woman will feel alone and use this as a reminder or message that there is hope after this heartbreak."

Her post ends with one wish for all the other women who have and will experience the loss of their child through miscarriage: "I hope that you celebrate that baby's life as much as you celebrate the next because no matter how short a life, all life deserves to be celebrated and all loss should be mourned."