Doctors Thought She Was Pregnant — and She Died Because of It

When Demi Wright started feeling pain in her side, the 22-year-old makeup artist went to the doctor's office.

After tests showed the presence of hormones typically associated with pregnancy in her blood, doctors admitted the British woman to the maternity ward. However, doctors later realized that Demi was suffering from a molar pregnancy, and instead of a fetus, she actually had a 5-inch tumor on her liver.

"Initially, a molar pregnancy acts in the same way as a conventional pregnancy; tests are positive due to the release of the HDG hormone, and there is a growth in the uterus," Dr. Helen Webberley explained to the Huffington Post UK. "It is only when the patient comes for their 12-week scan that a molar pregnancy is detected."

Demi died just three weeks after doctors caught their mistake and diagnosed her with adenocarcinoma. Although molar pregnancies rarely turn into cancer, the aggressive disease spread throughout her entire body in the short time leading up to Demi's death.

"When we found out the cancer was terminal . . . she gave me a big hug and said, 'It's going to be OK,'" her father told the Gazette-News. "The next day, she passed away."