These Tweets About Netflix's Workin' Moms Will Make You Start Binging ASAP

While flipping through Netflix over the weekend, I stumbled across a show that everyone's been talking about recently: Workin' Moms. Though I'm not actually a mother yet myself, in my Saturday morning haze I muttered, "Ah, what the hell," and pressed play. Looking back, I'm 100 percent thankful that I did! You don't need hundreds of hours of pumping under your belt or experience with mommy and me classes to completely fall in love with the cast and the premise. The irreverent show follows the lives of four working mothers who are just trying to keep it all together despite pregnancy, postpartum depression, and disagreements with their partners. Scroll through to see how other fans on Twitter are reacting to the hit Canadian show, and be sure to binge the first season on Netflix ASAP!