I'm back from the whirlwind that was the Victoria's Secret fashion show and had to share one of the highlights from the pink carpet: an interview with girl about town and Beverly Hills sweetheart, Lauren Conrad from The Hills. You may remember she and I are like this (finger cross) as we met not too long ago at LA Fashion Week. This time we chatted about lingerie, fashion, and what she wants for Christmas.

P.S. That is LC's pal Lo, also from The Hills in the background.

To read our exclusive interview with the queen of The Hills and to see the fabulous shoes she was wearing,

Is this your first time attending the Victoria's Secret fashion show?
Yes! I'm excited to see all the new lingerie and and I just love fashion shows. I am most excited for the Spice Girls; I want to hear "Spice Up Your Life."

What are you wearing?
Dress and shoes by Moschino.

I adore those shoes!
Me too! They also come in a mary-jane wedge in the black satin and rhinestone toe. They are the most awesome.

And what's underneath?
Victoria's Secret actually. That's all I wear for underwear because it's right across the street from me. I'm wearing the one with the lace band across, black.

What do you want for Christmas?
Oh I know this because I was just going over it with my mom. From my family I'd like pictures of them for around my house. And I'd like a new wallet — Chanel or Yves Saint Laurent — simple, black.