Dries continues to deliver just the right thing at just the right time. While others are delivering dark, moody collections, or '80s overload, Dries welcomed a saturated sportswear inspired by the paintings of Francis Bacon. The designer noted, "Bacon’s subjects are disturbing, but so, also, his use of color is disturbing.” The result is muted tones against vivid chartreuse, pumpkin, periwinkle, and saffron. As for cuts, a cool, loose silhouette is paired with sharp suiting, jackets, and structured leather. The outerwear is what really stands out; this navy zip up jacket (shown right) is a classic cutie, belted coats are strong contenders, and a gray sequined blazer took my breathe away.

No Dries collection wraps without a nuanced print. For Fall, the designer photographed random cocktail fabrics from past decades and fused the black-and-white photos with the silky fabrics. The results was a blocked, geometric motif so fitting to the house, so unique.

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