While Stella McCartney brightened up her resort, Donna Karan lightened things up. The designer called her 2009 resort line, "Bonjour New York." Well, bonjour Donna! This time around, she served up lots of girlie but with understated sexiness. Step into Karan's boudoir and you'll find a gentle color palette; peony, rose, petal, nude, and champagne. With such soft colors, one would imagine a collection far too feminine, but such is not the case.

The irregular silhouettes and heavy fabrics balance out the whispering hues. Black cropped jackets and hefty ruching help ease the femininity, while bows, skirt suits, and feathers feed into it. It may sound complicated, but one look at the ethereal quality of the clothes and it all becomes clear: Donna Karan is injecting fun and flirtiness into resort-wear. And why not? Isn't resort the time to let your hair down?

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