2010 Fall Couture: Christian Dior

When John Galliano dreams in flowers it's a waxing wonderland of prickly tulips, dripping irises, and pompous poppies. It's over the top, it's in your face — it's incredible. And when Galliano takes a theme, he takes it to the extreme. Kicking off Paris Couture week, the Dior show paraded voluminous shapes sprouting vivid hues, set against a giant fiberglass arrangement.It all began with an Irving Penn Irving photograph of a parrot tulip and spun into a flower-powered collection replete with cellophane headpieces, rustic belts, and rubber gardening gloves. Dior's ladylike silhouettes perfectly cater to the bloom theme, where colors are mixed and textures are melded. Feathers, tulle, and mohair form flowerly shapes, while marigold yellow, blush pink, and acid green push the color boundaries. Bold, botanical gowns sum up the crafty collection.

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Image Sources: WireImage and Getty
Love these designs.. great creativity..
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