This just in: we're pretty sure the 3.1 Phillip Lim Harem Pants are sold out everywhere. Those perfectly priced, opening number harem trousers are scarce with a capital 'see you next season'. Though Phillip Lim puts out, season after season, a diverse selection of cropped trousers, these were by far the most fashionable. Judging by our ecommerce searching skills and our conversation with the clerk at the Mercer Street store, all of Lim's incarnations of baggy cropped trousers (editorialized like no other garment this season) are running thin. For the details, here's how it went down...

"Hello, 3.1 Phillip Lim"
"Hi there. I'm calling about a pair of trousers I saw in a magazine. I think they are, like, harem or hammer pants?"
"Oh, the tuxedo trousers?"

[Basically this is where we fully realize the extent to which Lim has put out baggy, cropped trousers. We see them in the shows but only when you're on the phone with a clerk for 15 minutes discussing their various titles do you realize just how extensive his interest in this silhouette is. Needless to say, this part is edited down.]

"No, you know, they were the opening number during the Spring 08 show."
"Ohhhhhh, the harem pants."
"Yeah, that's basically what I said when I first rang. Anyway, do you have any? They've been in almost every magazine and on so many fashionable New York women, I just have to get a pair!"
"Ewww...You know what?"
"We just sold the last pair four minutes ago."

She meant, for the season. So, it looks like the Phillip Lim harem pant is a no-go unless you're willing to weed through the plentiful number of boutiques and e-commerce sites that stock the brand. According to our research, there are none online and most boutiques never bought the pants to begin with (instead they opted for Lim's party frocks and little jackets--safe bets). If you're focused, we bet you can still find a pair. Or, you could forego the Lim in favor of another version. To that end, here are our picks below,

Image to right, part of a Nylon Magazine editorial. One of many magazines to pull Lim's cropped trousers for their summer issues.

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