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6126 Launches at Henri Bendel

In a time of increasing competitiveness in the contemporary marketplace retailers and license holders are looking for every possible edge or marketing opportunity at their disposal, the fact that certain startlets exist to help further these dreams and perhaps split the largess does not surprise us. Of course deigning to mention this unfortunate reality of the fashion industry is something we have avoided for nearly our publishing existence.

But pander we must as the times get tougher and thus we see fit to mention that a contemporary legging collection called 6126 launched as a holiday collection and fuller clothing line exclusively at Henri Bendel. We will now mention the details in the tag in order to lure in idle gossip googlers but won't sully our dedicated reader by being too explicit. But kudos to Montreal's Manhattan Industries for scoring such a lucrative production contact from the perverse branding entity that is Stay Gold LLC.

If you too wish to make money of the insatiable appetites of the idle generation may we suggest going to the Licensing Expo taking place in two weeks in New York? This particular starlet is apparently too hand's on to trust a licensee but we can guarantee most aren't. You too can profit from fame mongers and their enablers. Perhaps in order to maintain our credibility we will do an indepth analysis of the best performing liscense options for the future.


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