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Abercrombie and Fitch

Fashion Indie Shoutout: Generation Abercrombie

From some vantage points, our generation cannot separate itself from that visceral relationship we had with Abercrombie and Fitch when we were young. A perfect example, Earnest Sewn, Trovata, Corpus, Steven Alan, and Gilded Age. Need we say more? All in operation for ten years at most, all with that familiar flavor of WASPy Americana that deviates just slightly from other 'classic' labels, like Ralph Lauren. A good majority of us, upper middle class (well, at least more of us than in any generation in America, ever), a good majority of us going through puberty in shopping malls where the dark lights, loud music, and sexy employees, made Hot Topic look like kiddie land. It's no wonder we spawn likeminded brands (even if much better versions) by the season.

Our network partner, Fashion Indie, is no stranger to these phenomenon. Indeed, his knowledge of fashion is more cerebral than what's 'cute' and so brought us a video wherein a Gen-Y Abercrombie protest errupts. The Abercrombie wars are starting and we predict the whistle will blow on the day the company takes over the 16 year old DKNY billboard in Soho. It seems you're either with them or against, even when everyone's topless.

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