We can't help but like Laura Poersky's vision for Abaeté, she manages a kind of upbeat feminine form of dressing without ever feeling cloying. As she told us in our interview beforehand she likes to play with the dichotomies internal to every woman's personality as our own cultural struggles to reconcile what it means to be good or bad, strong or alluring girly or hard. It is this that allows her to transcend her peers in the contemporary bracket.

We suppose that is why instead of being aggravated by her Ting Ting "shut up and let me go" introduction song we wanted to bop right along. It is a kind of cultural marker that is at once accessible to regular women while being just relevant enough to make the ever cranky cognoscenti feel its worth giving it a nod. Gotta keep the downtown kids happy these days, even if they are trendy piss ants.

The collection should make buyers happy, plenty of happy wearable pieces in easy to appreciate colors like pink and blue, styled with colored tights of course to give a nod to the here and now. Her daring one shouldered yellow dress, which we were told to look out for in our interview was a personal favorite. And of course her collaboration with Payless continues to bear fruit. Sure the gladiator is getting a bit played but don't you want a cheap pair in sky blue?