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Alexa Chung Mourns Luella, Is Filming a Secret Project

>> While Karlie Kloss and Tavi Gevinson joined forces to sing "You're So Vain" on karaoke at Barneys uptown this evening during New York's Fashion's Night Out, downtown Madewell was flooded for the debut of Alexa Chung's collection.  The television presenter, model, and Chanel beauty ambassador had an unlikely reason for starting the collection, she revealed.  "Once Luella closed down, I'm telling you, I was gutted.  There was absolutely nothing to wear.  So I just had to start making my own clothes," she said, while perched in a Madewell dressing room.

Chung also mentioned that she's going back to London for Fashion Week, but not for good.  "I have to stay in New York for a bit because I'm filming something.  But I can't really talk about it yet."

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