>> This morning, a coroner's inquest confirmed that Alexander McQueen, whose body was found at his home in London last Thursday at 10:30 am, died of asphyxiation and hanging himself in his wardrobe.  The inquest has not yet formally ruled the death a suicide, but police said there were no suspicious circumstances.  A suicide note was found in the apartment and is being examined by police.

The inquest has been adjourned to April 28, and full details of the autopsy will be available in a few months.  Despite the fact that McQueen's family is now free to hold his funeral, there has been no word on details, although it's rumored to be very, very small, and followed by a larger March memorial. A spokeswoman for London Fashion Week said an event featuring a tribute to the designer is being planned, pending approval from the McQueen family.

As for McQueen the brand, no official word yet on that either, but owner PPR has indicated it will comment on the subject when it releases its 2009 figures on Thursday.