Alexander McQueen is taking the virtual world by storm. In addition to tweeting funny messages like "I'm at the dentist . . . about to go under the knife!," the designer has announced, via Twitter, that he will be streaming his Spring collection Oct. 6 runway show at Paris Fashion Week live at and — no tickets necessary. McQueen is collaborating with Nick Knight’s Knight divulged robot cameras will be at work on and off the catwalk, and in the audience, while, at the back of the runway, an LED screen will beam out the roving cameras’ images. So cool.

Why? Why ask why? McQueen explains, “Every year, buyers and the press come to see the spectacle of my show. But I want to generate something else, something for a wider audience — for people in Australia, Asia, and Middle America who don’t have a seat at the show. Really, what I’m aiming for is world domination!” McQueen devotees: set your calendar!