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Alison Raffaele Transparent Finishing Powder and Allison Raffaele Transparent Finish To Go Refillable Dispensing Brush

Less Is More For Alison Raffaele

Community member Sugarshock knows that sometimes its what is not in a product that is more important. We are longtime fans of Alison Raffaele on Coutorture so we were pleased to learn from Sugarshock that her line has been revamped to be entirely talc and paraben-free. With her spiffy new packaging this makes Alison Raffaele more than worth a second look. We love her mineral makeup in particular but Sugarshock clued us into the multi-use Transparent Finishing Powder. Your editor has relatively dry skin so it is only in the summer months that we even consider powder. Thus we aren't normally inclined to buy it very often. But Raffaele's powder doubles as a dry shampoo to sop up hair grease too making it an extremely tempting purchase. We love it when products multitask. Below is a selection of our favorite products from the line including Allison Raffaele Mineral Foundation Powder and Alison Raffaele Transparent Finish To Go Refillable Dispensing Brush For More Community Shoutouts
Mineral Powder Foundation, Skintone 3 (Fair Complexion/Golden Undertones)
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