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The All Seeing Eye of Fashion Or Hiearchy, Fashion, and PR Couture

PR Couture Shoutout: Natural Hierachy

People in power love to tell their minions to think outside the box. The cruel irony of hierarchy is that as much as they are mocked, they are also required, and perhaps even hardwired from the Pleistocene era. It turns out that it is not just fashionistas that crave a metric for determining pecking order. No it is in all of us. And that fact worries PR Couture a great deal in her write up on selling out in fashion blogging.
But don't worry! Not all hierarchies are bad. It turns out if you get rid of the Pleistocene era dominant hierarchies of winner take all and replace them with productive hierarchies that are based on intrinsic value things start to be OK. The defense of elitism in a modern democratic state will be a defense of values of taste and education that are intrinsically, objectively rewarding. So don't worry about selling out, new values or any of that crap. Like PR Couture says find a nice niche, do it well and then we promise that it all works out.
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