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Amanda Brooks Wardrobe Closet Organization System

Amanda Brooks Explains Her Revolving System of Closets

>> Outgoing Barneys Fashion Director Amanda Brooks is known for her impeccable style, and the organizational system that helps her achieve it is, well, heavenly.

In a recent interview for The Aesthete, Brooks explained to stylist Annabel Tollman that her closets are organized so that she's always closest to what she wants to wear at the moment. When things go out of rotation, they get farther away from her main wardrobe — and when she doesn't wear a garment at all, it might end up in a version of wardrobe hell. Brooks elaborates:

". . . I have a main closet built into my bedroom that is my current clothing. At the end of the season, if I haven't worn something for a while I have a secondary closet in my bathroom; off-season on one side and then purgatory on the other. If things are in purgatory for a year or two and haven't been worn, then pieces go to the basement, which is the equivalent of hell, or they get given away. I have moods for things in the closet, and sometimes I regret giving things away. I'll find myself schlepping down to the basement and digging through the boxes to find a piece. The things I consider friends are the ones that never leave my main closet."

Brooks didn't speak to her decision to leave Barneys, which she announced last Thursday. But although her job is changing, she told Tollman her style will likely remain the same.

"I return to the '70s more than everything else; classic, and a little bit groovy. A little shrunken stripe with a cap sleeve, some oversize sunglasses, maybe a little flare on my jeans, the bamboo-handled Gucci bag. It suits my body; no boobs, lean hips . . . I feel like some people have a taste for one decade and a body for another. But for me my body and heart are both ’70s, so it's pretty straightforward. I'm a very contemporary creature."

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