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Andrej Pejic New York Magazine Cover 2011 2011-08-16 09:00:18

Are You Still Interested in Androgynous Models?

Earlier this year, the fashion industry was fixated with transgendered and androgynous models like Jana K., Lea T., and Andrej Pejic who have appeared on runways, magazine covers, and fashion campaigns. Today, New York magazine released its Fall fashion issue featuring Andrej Pejic in shirtless stance similar to the one he posed for Dossier magazine a couple months back. That issue received much controversy after Barnes & Noble demanded that Dossier's publishers hide the cover in an opaque plastic bag, but it seems like New York magazine is having no issues with flashing Andrej Pejic's shirtless cover on newsstands today. Tell us, do you think androgyny is still an interesting topic, or are you over it?

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deliamin deliamin 5 years
Fabsugar, I love you... and I love the fab polls... but I'm sorry, I have to cry foul on this one. Are you still interested in androgynous models? That's like asking, are you still interested in black or asian models? Yes, really. Andro and trans models like Andrej and Lea T represent another kind of much needed diversity in the fashion world: gender diversity... (big girl words, I know... it's okay...) And part of the problem is that many of us still can't or won't recognize that as being a separate issue from "the latest fad" like makeup styles, shoes, or whatever... I'm glad to see more people supporting these models though... I think opening up the runway to more and different kinds of people is always a positive thing for everyone.
Chi-Diem-Chau Chi-Diem-Chau 5 years
Thanks for the feedback Joymmart. We see your point and have edited the story to read more clearly.
joymmart joymmart 5 years
I hope you realize that there's a difference between being transgendered and androgynous. Andrej Pejic is androgynous, he blurs the line between masculine and feminine. He has, however, never expressed that he feels he was born a woman or plans any processes to become a woman. Lea T.. was born a man, but is undergoing a process to become a woman. She identifies herself as female and is living her life as such. Although Andrej does regularly dress femininely and has modeled in women's clothes, he's not transgendered. I feel it's a bit misguided on your part to group an androgynous image with actually being transgendered.
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