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Anja Rubik, Boyfriend Sasha Knezevic Team Up To Edit, Direct 25 Magazine

>> As the month comes to a close, couture shows won't be the only thing looming for Anja Rubik: she and boyfriend, fellow model Sasha Knezevic, will be closing their first full issue — 224 pages worth — of 25 magazine.

Together, Sasha and Anja began work on the already-established Viennese magazine in November of last year, infusing the December 2009 issue (cover below left) with a taste of what's to come: a complete overhaul.  It all came about, according to Sasha, "because a friend of mine bought 25 and asked me to help him out. I convinced Anja to do the fashion part and before we realized, we had our own magazine."

With Sasha as the magazine's new joint editor-in-chief and creative director (Anja's acting as fashion/art director), they're bringing in completely new editorial teams — one in New York, one in Vienna — and switching the former monthly magazine into a quarterly fashion and lifestyle book.  The full effect of their labors will be on display when the Spring 2010 issue comes out in February.

What will be inside? »

In between tales of how Anja took him to see Avatar in Poland over the holidays ("I thought it would be cheesy, but it turned out pretty good"), Sasha hinted at the upcoming issue.  They've already lined up Victor Demarchelier to capture Heidi Mount in an Egon Schiele-inspired editorial; the goal is to have six editorials total, five women's fashion-focused with one men's fashion spread for good measure.  And Anja's been typing away at articles on flights between modeling jobs — content will span everything from art and film to travel and food.

Unfortunately the magazine is only available in Vienna for now, but top priority for Sasha is to make the magazine available more internationally — in the meantime, it will be available for purchase on, with an English translation in the back of the book.

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