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Anja Rubik Turned Down Terry Richardson's Pirelli Calendar Because She "Knew It Would Be Uncomfortable"

>> The newly-engaged Anja Rubik, while speaking with Frockwriter on Jan. 1, revealed that her appearance in Karl Lagerfeld's 2011 Pirelli calendar wasn't the first opportunity she'd had to take part in a Pirelli calendar. She turned Terry Richardson down the year before because she wasn't comfortable with what he might ask of her: "Doing the Pirelli was also incredible, because it was always my dream to take part in this calendar. It’s like the most famous calendar in the world; it’s such a huge honor. And the best people shot for it, and the best girls were in it . . . I was actually supposed to do the Terry Richardson one, but I was a little bit afraid, because I never undressed, I was never shot actually nude before. Although I love Terry and I worked with him a lot for French Vogue and other editorials, but I was a little bit afraid of his Pirelli."

Rubik said that she turned the opportunity down through her agent because she "didn't feel comfortable" doing "full-on nude," something she'd "never done" before — she'd only previously done topless. "I knew [Richardson] would, like, push the borders," she added, "and you know, I was just afraid of how far they were going to be pushed and if I’m going to feel comfortable."

Furthermore, she elaborated: "I know he would push it a little bit more, in a way that would be very naked, and I know that I wouldn’t go there probably. So that’s why it was stupid to accept the challenge because I thought I wouldn’t be capable. And you think . . . how it’s going to come out, because he has a different kind of take of that, a little bit more on the edge of, you know; I don’t want to say vulgar but on the very, very slight edge of it. There were supposed to be a lot of girls, and he likes to shoot a lot of girls with girls, and I just didn’t think I’d feel comfortable, that’s why."

So, she said no. "I just knew it would be uncomfortable for me and maybe for [Richardson], because I wouldn’t feel right in the moment . . . The worst thing is to go somewhere to a shoot and be there and feel uncomfortable. Because first of all, it’s bad for me; it’s bad for him; it just creates a really bad atmosphere."

But again, she says, she's never had issues with Richardson's comportment — which has been questioned by other models. "To be honest I know him," she told Frockwriter. "I’ve shot with him many times. And I think he’s great. I never felt uncomfortable, I never thought he pushed me into anything. I think if a girl, like, leaves her green light that she’s open to doing different things, he maybe pushes the boundaries. And if he knows how the girl is. Like I don’t get all these allegations. I mean I worked with him over, I don’t know, 15 times and I never felt awkward . . . that I felt I had to do something."

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