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Anna Kendrick Style (Celebrity Interview)

Anna Kendrick Talks Favorite Designers, Top Trend, and More

For its September issue, Angeleno magazine featured Anna Kendrick as its glamorous cover girl. We got a chance to catch up with the talented actress at a dinner at Scarpetta in Beverly Hills celebrating the issue, and she dished all about her personal style — she has four words for it — her stylist, favorite and most-hated trends, and favorite designers. At the end we played a fun little fashion game with her where we asked her for her snap judgments for everything from flats vs. heels to leather vs. lace. Read our fashion chat now, then shop the widget below to get her look.

CelebStyle: How would you describe your personal style?
Anna Kendrick: Considered, understated, casual, pretty.

CS: Who's your stylist and how does the styling process typically go?
AK: My stylist is Neil Rodgers. We typically discuss upcoming events, swap images on looks we both like. Neil brings over looks for a try on and fitting with our seamstress Lourdes. Then once we've decided on a dress we then commence the search for the perfect shoes, jewelry, and clutch, and finally swap hair and makeup references for the look.

CS: What are some fashion trends you particularly love and hate?
AK: Love the new pointed toe, hate printed jeans.

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CS: With Fall coming up, what pieces are you looking forward to rocking?
AK: I love Elie Saab, Mulberry, Dior amongst others and am looking forward to wearing more from their resort and Spring 2013 collections.

CS: Snap judgment: heels or flats?
AK: Flats for day, heels for night.

CS: Leather or lace?
AK: Lace.

CS: Red carpet or street style?
AK: Street.

CS: Black or color?
AK: Color.

CS: Mini or maxi?
AK: Mini.

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