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Anna Wintour on Leaving Vogue, Model Covers, and Fur

>> While Conde Nast chairman Si Newhouse is off in Europe, prompting rumors that something big is on the horizon, Anna Wintour sat down with Jonathan Tisch for a public chat last night.  PETA members peppered the audience, heckling Wintour with shouts of "This woman skins animals alive!" Before they were removed from the room, Anna replied, "Fur is still a part of fashion, so Vogue will continue to report on it."

The discussion covered a number of topics, including the Internet — Wintour said that, which has been noticeably increasing in content the past couple of months, will "break out on our own" from next year.  She also mentioned that Andre Leon Talley, who recently started a blog for, Talley Ho!, was initially dragged kicking and screaming to the Web, saying he wasn't into the modern world, but now loves blogging.  Some highlights, including a hint at the next cover, from the chat — more at The Cut:

You've said it's time to move on from a job when you get too angry. Are you getting to the point where you're thinking about other options?
Well, mostly I'm thinking about the next day. I think that I have the best job in the entire world. To be honest, I don't think I'd be very good at anything else!

So will we be seeing more models and less celebrities on the cover of Vogue?
Well, tomorrow is another day. We'll never know. But we certainly do have a model tied to the next issue, yes.

Her favorite Vogue cover; how she hires at Vogue »

How do you go about hiring people for Vogue?
I really hire on instinct, and I look for people who are going to disagree with me. I think personalities like André Leon Talley and Hamish Bowles are really important to the magazine. Some people talk about lots of market research, but I've never really believed in that.

What's the role of department-store directors now?
We work together. Both department stores and Vogue have really struggled with designers' inability to understand global warming. The fact that they think a woman wants to wear triple cashmere and felt, hairy fabric in the middle of June or July — we go in and say, 'Maybe this isn't the smartest idea.'

If you could pick one cover or one face that describes Vogue, what or who would it be?
I have very fond memories of my first cover of Vogue, which was a girl named Michaela Berçu wearing a Christian Lacroix couture T-shirt and Guess blue jeans. And I remember that cover with great promise, because I feel that it meant something's changing, something's different. My first cover is my favorite cover.

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