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Ashley Graham Swimsuits For All Collection

Ashley Graham's New Swimsuit Collection Will Make You Say "OMFG"

Ashley Graham Swimsuits For All Collection
Image Source: Swimsuits For All

Ashley Graham rolled out her new Swimsuits For All collection with a lineup of looks that are downright showstopping. The supermodel calls the brand new collection "Essential" — a capsule of the swimwear every woman should have in her closet — and after a peek at the lookbook, we wholeheartedly agree.

Ashley took to the beach with a crew of models to show how the range of one-pieces and bikinis complements women of all body types in these inclusive campaign shots. Now, this much is clear: every woman should have the kind of swimsuit that gives her the confidence you can't help but feel in these sexy snaps. Read on to see Ashley's lineup, which includes essential black and white styles (Size 4-24) that you can pick up online in late December for just $62-$64 a piece.

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