We're Not Even Lying When We Say You Could Wear These BHLDN Bridesmaid Dresses Again — Swear!

Mar 31 2019 - 5:00pm

There's no arguing that Anthropologie's bridal brand, BHLDN [1], has an assortment of stunning wedding dresses that catch the eye [2]. However, if you've already said yes to the dress, then let us remind you: BHLDN [3] also has some staggering bridesmaid dresses to choose from. These gorgeous gowns will have your bridal party feeling extra confident, with styles that come in an array of colors, patterns, and designs that complement all skin tones and body types. Because everyone deserves to look good, and feel good, on the soon-to-be-married couple's big day! Ahead, find all of the gorgeous bridesmaid gowns [4] that are a win-win for everyone involved.

Plymouth Dress

The Plymouth Dress [6] ($280) creates an effortless and stunning look for your bridesmaids to show off.

Fleur Dress

The sheer lace straps and wrapped bodice make the Fleur Dress [7] ($250) a formal showstopper.

Mila Dress

The ruffled off-the-shoulder neckline is what makes the Mila Dress [8] ($285), pictured on the far right, so special.

Mara Jumpsuit

Forget dresses, try the Mara Jumpsuit [9] ($280) to mix things up.

Madigan Dress

The Madigan Dress [10] ($199) is glamorous in a subtle way.

Madison Dress

The chic Madison Dress [11] ($280) comes across simple and modest from the front, but it's a party in the back!

Eva Dress

The simplicity of the Eva Dress [12] ($168) makes it absolutely stunning.

Mendoza Dress

The Mendoza Dress [13] ($198) is not only elegant, it's also extremely comfortable.

Lena Dress

The flutter sleeves and high neckline makes the Lena Dress [14] ($198) an elegant choice.

Adena Dress

The square neckline and deep slit makes the Adena Dress [15] ($198) a fitting bridesmaid option.

Logan Velvet Dress

Rest assured that the Logan Velvet Dress [16] ($290) will keep your bridesmaids warm despite cold weather conditions.

Colby Dress

We love the sheer sides and airy essence of the Colby Dress [17] ($285).

Valdis Dress

If you love '50s style, then you'll be all about the Valdis Dress [18] ($230).

Ryder Dress

The convertible Ryder Dress [19] ($275) with tulle detail can be styled in over 16 different ways.

Walker Dress

The high-low skirt and off-the-shoulder sleeves on the Walker Dress [20] ($395) make it a beautiful bridal party option.

Soleil Top

The loose fit and high neckline on the Soleil Top [21] ($80) makes it a beautiful, modest option for anyone in your bridal party.

Soleil Skirt

The sultry slit on the matching Soleil Skirt [22] ($220) keeps the outfit from being too prim and proper.

Farrah Dress

The breezy tulip-hemmed skirt makes the Farrah Dress [23] ($275-$285) a fun bridesmaid gown.

Gwyneth Dress

The elegant Gwyneth Dress [24] ($280) is an all-around modern gown option.

Camryn Dress

The beautiful satin fabric and off-the-shoulder neckline of the Camryn Dress [25] ($280) would make any bridesmaid feel like a princess.

Ginger Convertible Maxi Dress

Whether you decide to go strapless, halter, or crisscrossed for the big day, the Ginger Convertible Maxi Dress [26] ($200-$310) can do it all for your bridesmaids.

Venosa Dress

The tulle skirt and lace bodice on the blush Venosa Dress [27] ($298) complement one another beautifully.

Evita Dress

The jersey fabric on the Evita Dress [28] ($179) makes it a comfortable dress option.

Fresna Dress

We are loving the scalloped flutter sleeves on the Fresna Dress [29] ($230).

Inesse Dress

Dress your bridesmaids up in the gorgeous, flowy Inesse Dress [30] ($290).

Easton Dress

The sheer cap sleeves and midlength design make the Easton Dress [31] ($280) stand out from the rest. This would also make a gorgeous mother-of-the-bride or -groom dress.

Calais Dress

The cap sleeves and beaded body on the Calais Dress [32] ($280) make it a glamorous bridesmaid dress option.

Kincaid Dress

The all-around sequins add the perfect flair to the blush Kincaid Dress [33] ($260), pictured here in the center.

Oralee Dress

The sheer sleeves and ruching bust make the Oralee Dress [34] ($198) flattering and gorgeous.

Kia Dress

The v-neck bodice matches the Kia Dress's [35] ($168) v-back in the most seamless way.

Idris Dress

We love the waist-defining satin ribbon on the champagne Idris Dress [36] ($169).

Avery Dress

The sequin-covered bodice and tulle skirt give the Avery Dress [37] ($250) a flattering silhouette.

Guilie Dress

The adorable flowers on the Guilie Dress [38] ($260) make it optimal for a Spring or Summer wedding [39]. This is another MOB or MOG option!

Diana Dress

The ruffled sweetheart neckline on the Diana Dress [40] ($148) adds a subtle and stunning detail.

Clotilde Dress

The elbow-length sleeves and notch neckline give the Clotilde Dress [41] ($230) an elegant touch.

Orva Dress

The beautiful gold-sequined overlay on the Orva Dress [42] ($360) adds a sultry touch.

Montreal Dress

The thigh-high slit and high neck make the Montreal Dress [43] ($220) a stylish and sexy bridesmaid dress option.

Guthrie Dress

The flattering Guthrie Dress [44] ($325) can appeal to moms, grandmas, and bridesmaids alike.

Gwyn Dress

We love the elusion neckline and floral embroidery on the Gwyn Dress [45] ($228). This is another mom-approved look.

Cayenne Dress

The high slit on the otherwise modest Cayenne Dress [46] ($168) keeps things interesting.

Marco Dress

We are big fans of the dramatic slit and keyhole cutout on the Marco Dress [47] ($148).

Gianni Dress

The eye-catching floral-embroidered skirt on the Gianni Dress [48] ($360) makes this a fabulous formal option for bridesmaids or moms.

Bathilda Dress

Your bridesmaids won't stop dancing in this party-ready Bathilda Dress [49] ($300).

Antibes Dress

The lightweight fabric and square neckline make the Antibes Dress [50] ($280) a glowing option for everyone.

Delilah Dress

We're smitten with the sweetheart neckline and off-the-shoulder sleeves on the Delilah Dress [51] ($285).

Bevin Dress

We love the bold black lace on the Bevin Dress [52] ($328) — perfect for Mom or Grandma.

Chateau Skirt

The striking slit on the voluminous Chateau Skirt [53] ($180) pairs well with almost any bodice.

Cleo Top

Try pairing the Chateau Skirt with the lacy cropped Cleo Top [54] ($80).

Thrive Velvet Dress

The ruching shoulders add drama to the Thrive Velvet Dress [55] ($140).

Ara Dress

The cap sleeves and plunging neckline on the Ara Dress [56] ($198) give it a sophisticated silhouette.

Sutton Dress

The intricate beading on the Sutton Dress [57] ($240) makes it a standout option.

Jones Dress

The Jones Dress [58] ($198), pictured here on the left, is a classic, flattering style, and it's stretchy — perfect for dancing and eating the night away.

Blaise Dress

The geo pattern is what makes the Blaise Dress [59] ($260) a unique and elegant option.

Stockard Dress

Your bridesmaids, mother, or grandmother will be feeling as sophisticated as can be in the versatile Stockard Dress [60] ($600).

Ryan Dress

We are loving the beautiful plunging neckline on the ethereal Ryan Dress [61] ($285).

Alexia Dress

The sleek material and beautiful bias cut on the Alexia Dress [62] ($250) make it a gorgeous gown for bridesmaids or brides.

Presley Dress

For a midi option, try out the intricate appliqué-adorned Presley Dress [63] ($380).

Lilliana Dress

The figure-flattering floral Lilliana Dress [64] ($240) is a mother-of-the-bride or mother-of-the-groom dream dress.

Cooper Dress

Another great option for Mom or Grandma, the botanical appliqué and subtle ombré effect make the gray Cooper Dress [65] ($388) so stunning.

Phoebe Dress

We love the wrap style and ruffled hems on the Phoebe Dress [66] ($250).

Virdia Dress

The intricate petals add gorgeous texture to the Virdia Dress [67] ($360).

Camden Dress

The light and airy look of the Camden Dress's [68] ($168) tulle makes it a beautiful bridal party dress option.

Belize Dress

The gorgeous embroidery on the Belize Dress [69] ($275) makes it an ideal gown for a beach wedding [70].

Elisabetta Dress

The preppy Elisabetta Dress [71] ($198) features a feminine bow in the back.

Venice Dress

The intricate detail found in the beaded embroidery of the Venice Dress [72] ($280) makes it a standout dress option.

Kiara Dress

The front of the Kiara Dress [73] ($290) is almost as stunning as the voluminous bow in the back.

Odette Dress

The eye-catching blooming pattern and cap sleeves make the Odette Dress [74] ($430) a beautiful option for Mom or Grandma.

Tinsley Dress

The soft, light tulle on the Tinsley Dress [75] ($260) makes it a popular bridesmaid option.

Sarita Dress

The waist-defining slim bands are what bring together the plunging bodice and tulle skirt on the Sarita Dress [76] ($295).

Linden Dress

The fun vintage-inspired Linden Dress [77] ($280) adds a playful tone to a bridal party.

Nira Dress

The simplicity of the Nira Dress [78] ($198) is what makes it a beautiful gown option.

Blair Wrap Dress

The playful ruffled neckline and wrapped style of the Blair Wrap Dress [79] ($198) make it ideal for an outdoor wedding [80].

Santiago Dress

The colorblock effect of the Santiago Dress [81] ($348) gives it unexpected flair. The modest cut makes it a great option for MOBs, MOGs, and grandmas alike!

Troye Dress

The beautiful beading on the Troye Dress [82] ($260) gives off major Gatsby vibes.

Leonora Dress

The floral embroidery and soft metallic glow give the Leonora Dress [83] ($269) an elegant touch.

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