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Back-to-School Clothes For Adults

8 Stylish Updates to Your Childhood Back-to-School Classics

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We don't necessarily miss that feeling of having to go to school after a lazy Summer, but with our social media feeds being overtaken by first-day-of-school photos of our old classmates' kids (yes, you read that right: your old second-grade crush has a son in kindergarten), we have been getting a bit nostalgic for some aspects of the back-to-school season. Namely, all the hidden style moments we didn't appreciate back then. We didn't realize all the fashion statements — from bold backpacks to Velcro sneakers to doodle-heavy notebooks — we were making way back when.

We're taking a look back at eight classic items from the classroom and are giving each of them a modern update. That way, we can still rock a pencil case or a plaid pleated skirt without feeling a tad too elementary.

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