The '90s are making a comeback in fashion and it's only going to spiral. Remember this gang? How can one forget, what with the revival and all. I only watched 90210 in the early years — I moved on to Melrose Place. But the early years . . . so good! Brenda was the best, her sharp tongue and moody getups were irresistible. Kelly was a hottie, too, the ultimate blond rich girl with her floral dresses and perfect bangs. And Donna was the sexiest, although always trying to play innocent, in her Herve-esque dresses and miniskirts. Light-wash denim, Doc Martins, demi-cup swimsuits, plaid and borrowed-from-Dylan-and-Brandon shirts and jackets made the mix, too. Do you think there's a chance the new 90210 can make such a splash?