Ashleigh Verrier never ceases to inspire us here at Coutorture, her feel for textiles, her intellectual inspirations, and her love of whimsy are a knockout combination in a sea of light weights. Often when interviewing designers  we feel that all is required is a basic "so, how about them inspirations" and a monologue of media training pours forth. Not that we are complaining, we need those sound bites! But with Ashleigh it is always a conversation as she touches lightly but articulately on her work process. The fact that she is a perfect porcelain doll probably doesn't hurt matters any. But as we grow frustrated with a culture that encourages a kind of celebrity from designers, replete with parties and photo opportunities, Ashleigh steers clear of her young peers by sheer tint of talent and intellect. She is no light weight!


We can't wait to see this collection on the runway. Her inspiration of fairytales, more Brother's Grimm than Disney, continues in the vein of her Russian Romanticism Fall 2008 collection, even as it lightens up with doses of humour. In particular the jewelry this season is note worthy. We promise you won't be disappointed with the styling! And for more insight check out the interview we had with her last week as she worked to finish her collection.