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It Bag Obsession - Prada Gauffre

What is it about bags that we are so obsessed with? I guess it's the idea that you can never have a bad bag day. You can have a bad hair day, a fat day, or just a sad day but you can never go wrong with the perfect bag and we can never have too many. Once we finished drooling over our latest obsession that took months of patience to get off the wait list a new bag appears and we must have it. Our latest want is this fabulous Prada bag that both Victoria and Halle are already showing off. Madonna and Beyonce are also carrying it around these days.

Part of our mission as your new best friend and favorite fashion site is to let you know about the next IT bag as soon as possible so you can get on the wait list before the latest shipment arrives.

To learn more about the latest It Bag and see how even a man looks amazing carrying it

Yummy Becks looks just as good carrying the over-sized beauty.

The bag is from the fall/winter 2006/07 collection. The style name is GAUFFRE ANTIK. For a small fortune of $1,800 you too can own this beauty. Click here for more details.

Join The Conversation
mareepossa mareepossa 10 years
Not attractive in any bit. And $1800!!! Thats mad mehn. And if it was given to me for free, I'd swoop it for something else. Mareepossa
magmaggo magmaggo 10 years
yyy I don't find it atractive at all
My-Opinion My-Opinion 11 years
I love cute bags but when they are bigger than me, it's just rediculous, unless of course I'm traveling....I wouldn't walk around the mall with a bag half my size though, i know that! My point exactly Splenda*
MissRobinson MissRobinson 11 years
Does anyone else think bags this big are kinda dumb? I'd use it as a suitcase, but not as a purse! Thats to much to lug around. That bag is kinda pretty, in its own special way.
Splenda Splenda 11 years
Love Prada, but Posh looks like she could fit in this Shar Pei bag.
AdventureGirl AdventureGirl 11 years
This bag is huge! Mrs. Becks could climb right in it and have a little nap. Although I don't think she wants to get that close to tied up roast beef (hehehe) or anything else resembling a food type substance. Besides my shared infatuation with Caligirl over the Bal bags, I'm loving the Fall Guccis. Delish!
Kate-Needs-Help Kate-Needs-Help 11 years
lol :-)
malibu-stacey malibu-stacey 11 years
omg, kate... too funny... :)
Kate-Needs-Help Kate-Needs-Help 11 years
It looks like roast beef tied up or something! LOL
malibu-stacey malibu-stacey 11 years
i'm not sure it's worth the $1800 price tag or whatever it is.... i wonder if H&M has a cute knockoff version...?
vmruby vmruby 11 years
that bag is so ugly.
Kate-Needs-Help Kate-Needs-Help 11 years
I think that bag is a bit off!
malibu-stacey malibu-stacey 11 years
i'm not sure i love that quilted thing going on...?
JK-Boogie JK-Boogie 11 years
I like this bag a lot...not sure I would purchase it but it is definatey worth visting time at my local department store...I fell out of love with the Roxanne this way....but I got the Chloe Betty as it was just too pretty. Not liking the green.
Adriana42 Adriana42 11 years
mmm Becks mmmm.. got lost there for a moment..anyway, good thing Becks is carrying that bag otherwise it would have rammed Victoria's 50 lb body into the ground.
hotstuff hotstuff 11 years
I'm not too sure I like this one!
ann_fancy ann_fancy 11 years
I smell a break-up soon, between Mister and Miss Beckam
FrugalFranny FrugalFranny 11 years
I think its fantastic..just a bit too big Maybe if they had one in a smaller size
ToomuchAwesomeness ToomuchAwesomeness 11 years
I think it's lovely! I would totally buy that bag. Well, first I want the gold Chloe bag, but after that. And after I win the lotto!
e.b e.b 11 years
Is it just my eyes, or is Halle's bag a tad different from Vic's? Victoria's looks like a less structured bag and more of a "shopping tote" style, where as Halle's takes more a doctor's bag form with a defined dark leather rim on the top. It looks like they both have snap closers though. I could be way off, maybe it's the diff angle or something. Either way Halle's is outstanding!
caligirl1201 caligirl1201 11 years
Halle works this bag because she's Halle and can make a brown paper bag look fashionable. Posh makes it look like a bulemics emergency puke bag, which I am sure that's what she uses it for. Prada usually does better, but this is fug. I still say Balenciaga has the best purses this summer.
ethiopian_princess ethiopian_princess 11 years
FUG. this only looks okay on Halle and it's more because she makes the bag look okay.
popstar popstar 11 years
I know Prada knows a lot more about bags than I do but I do not like this on... at all.
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