What is it about bags that we are so obsessed with? I guess it's the idea that you can never have a bad bag day. You can have a bad hair day, a fat day, or just a sad day but you can never go wrong with the perfect bag and we can never have too many. Once we finished drooling over our latest obsession that took months of patience to get off the wait list a new bag appears and we must have it. Our latest want is this fabulous Prada bag that both Victoria and Halle are already showing off. Madonna and Beyonce are also carrying it around these days.

Part of our mission as your new best friend and favorite fashion site is to let you know about the next IT bag as soon as possible so you can get on the wait list before the latest shipment arrives.

To learn more about the latest It Bag and see how even a man looks amazing carrying it

Yummy Becks looks just as good carrying the over-sized beauty.

The bag is from the fall/winter 2006/07 collection. The style name is GAUFFRE ANTIK. For a small fortune of $1,800 you too can own this beauty. Click here for more details.