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Bardot Style

While many of us look to celebrities for style tips today, we musn't forget the celebs of yore and their undeniable influences on fashion. Audrey, Marilyn, Marlene, and one super sultry blond, Brigitte Bardot, all stand out to me as classic style icons.

Bardot had a distinct way of sexifying a cardigan, cropped jeans and flats - three items that are not considered sexy individually. But when this bodacious Frenchie wore this simple combination and worked it, she oozed sexuality - we can all learn from this style setter.

And I'm not the only fan of Bardot, joytothehurled has taken it upon herself to create a list of Bardot-inspired items. Chic, sexy (in that under-the-radar sort of way), and très French, check out her finds!

I absolutely adore the Theory trench dress, the black Prada flats and the Dolce & Gabbanna cherry lady bikini!


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tio tio 9 years
Don't forget the headbands.BB is such an underrated style icon.She had a very fashionable style.(Kate Moss is a Bardot wannabe). She was a gorgeous,charismatic woman. And a natural beauty contrary to the hollywood icons.
Audrey-Birkin Audrey-Birkin 9 years
I can't believe that there's praise for a raving racist.... which is far from my ideal of classy.....I would've rather seen Catherine Deneuve or Francoise Hardy for the epitome of French style
amandasunly amandasunly 10 years
I love her eye make-up and the A.P.C. tunic! She was mentioned in Jane this month.
hdiaz hdiaz 10 years
thank you, Persephone!! you are completely right! i hated her the moment i found out she is a hater and a racist!!
hills hills 10 years
i look up to the old hollywood deffinatly more than todays actresses for style, i love ava gardener, and marylin monroes the best i think curvy sexy style, and yes im a fan of brigette
nati nati 10 years
Love the pics! I really like her style, and also Françoise Hardy's :)
Persephone Persephone 10 years
im sorry as much as she has style she lacks in her political views, she is a racist and i much rather pefer marianne faithful for example
pnai_foxxx pnai_foxxx 10 years
cute style choices, but how do you mention audrey, marilyn, marlene, and brigitte yet not even bother to mention grace or elizabeth? (~_~)
joytothehurled joytothehurled 10 years
Thanks FabSugar! Way to give shout out to the style setters of yore! Their classic yet iconic looks still remain so relevant today. I've been going through a pretty big French obsession lately. So many French woman seem to come out of the womb with an innate sense of style: Catherine Deneuve, Françoise Hardy, Carine Roitfeld, Charlotte Gainsbourg, any and every girl at Paris Fashion Week. They make everything they wear seem so effortless and that's my kind of glamour. They are truly wearing the clothes, and not the other way around. Very inspiring.
cocca cocca 10 years
those are really cute choices!
mommie mommie 10 years
yessureee, she was the hit of the day in her day.
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