While many of us look to celebrities for style tips today, we musn't forget the celebs of yore and their undeniable influences on fashion. Audrey, Marilyn, Marlene, and one super sultry blond, Brigitte Bardot, all stand out to me as classic style icons.

Bardot had a distinct way of sexifying a cardigan, cropped jeans and flats - three items that are not considered sexy individually. But when this bodacious Frenchie wore this simple combination and worked it, she oozed sexuality - we can all learn from this style setter.

And I'm not the only fan of Bardot, joytothehurled has taken it upon herself to create a list of Bardot-inspired items. Chic, sexy (in that under-the-radar sort of way), and très French, check out her finds!

I absolutely adore the Theory trench dress, the black Prada flats and the Dolce & Gabbanna cherry lady bikini!