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Winter reality check: Skin loses more than 25 percent of its ability to hold moisture in the Winter, leaving you with dry, not-so-touchable skin (so not ideal for prime snuggle-weather). Seeing as there's plenty of Winter left, Dove® Winter Care Body Wash is here to S.O.S. (Save Our Skin)!

Dove® Winter Care Body Wash reverses the signs of dry Winter skin. How? We're glad you asked. Dove® Winter Care Body Wash cleans and cares for dry Winter skin like no other regular body wash. It is specially formulated with NutriumMoisture™ technology to nourish deep down to help heal dry skin and minimize roughness and flaking, leaving your skin cuddle-ready.

Check out the skin-saving body wash from Dove® here.

Mary2219615 Mary2219615 5 years
This is my first winter in NYC, and my skin has been painfully dry... I think this is exactly what I need.
Gwin2219456 Gwin2219456 5 years
As an aging adult, this product does wonders for my skin.
Penta Penta 5 years
I get the worst worst dryness of skin during winter - this is THE ANSWER!!!!! Thank you DOVE!
srl100 srl100 5 years
exactly what i need right now... can't wait to try it!
sabejar sabejar 5 years
I have really dry skin in the winter, so this stuff is a total lifesaver!
BrokkeS BrokkeS 5 years
This body wash is amazing! I used to exclusively use bar soap, but it gets so drying in the winter. After borrowing this body wash from my roommate, I have converted. It makes me feel clean and keeps away the itchy dry spots!
lstallworth lstallworth 5 years
No more dry skin!! Love it.
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