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Beauty Byte: Drew is the Next CoverGirl!

Go Drew! The bubbly fab favorite has just been announced as the next CoverGirl model. I always enjoy seeing her bright smile and while she's girl-next-door-ish, she's the cool, funny, quirky girl-next-door. And just like how she is also a film producer, she will be involved in the creative process of her CG ads. She will serve as co-creator and at the print shoot this past Monday, Drew was consulted on the concept, graphics, lighting and how the photo would be cropped. Let's just say she's not your typical CoverGirl. Although she does "leave the makeup and product up to them [CoverGirl], that's their expertise," she told The Associated Press in a phone interview from the set.

One thing we do know: she will be wearing a nude dress to contrast the bright beauty colors used in the shoot. Sounds like this partnership will prove to be just as fun and bubbly as our gal.


smidgen-of-boho smidgen-of-boho 10 years
she is so her look xoox
JKe895 JKe895 10 years
I think that Drew will do great!
cubiclequeen cubiclequeen 10 years
She looks so gorgeous in those pics! Way to go, Drew :) I cant wait to see the pics that come of her campaign.
Wicked Wicked 10 years
I'm so excited for her. She will make a great spokesmodel.
amh678 amh678 10 years
Yea Drew! How can you not love Drew?
etab etab 10 years
I think she may be one of the 3 people in the universe that can wear this shade of yellow without looking horrid. This pic is so pretty. She looks cute when she dresses up and down, I am so frickin' jealous!
vidagrrl vidagrrl 10 years
I love Drew! I loved her latest article in Jane Mag - so real... BUT How does she smoke and look so good???
SoftRockStar SoftRockStar 10 years
Remind me why CG sponsoring ANTM if none of the winners are ever used in national ads?
junebrug junebrug 10 years
I love, love, love her. She's so tough. How many people could be given drugs by their own family members and be in rehab at 14, and come out as well as she did? As far as I know, she's the first Barrymore to kick her addictions. Good for Drew! That said, I despise the ad in this section for those rubber shoes that are everywhere, they just scream, "Can't be bothered to put on actual clothes." :)
spanic-n-cheese spanic-n-cheese 10 years
yay! drews one of my rolemodels!
tati33 tati33 10 years
i love drew! she's adorable! she'll make a great covergirl!
LaLaLola LaLaLola 10 years
Can't wait! She'd be a gorgeous covergirl!
LoveStoned LoveStoned 10 years
Isn't the next CoverGirl Rhianna? This was said months ago. FutureSex/LoveJT?:
JennaV JennaV 10 years
Good for Drew!!! Oh my gosh, she looks SO beautiful in that pic.
carolx15 carolx15 10 years
Drew is a great model. All the pics she did for Missoni, Lancome, New Look and others are gorgeous. She's very intelligent, too. I'm excited to see the shoot!
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