The face at the Matthew Williamson Spring 2007 Fashion Show was fresh and tan and not too over done. This look was inspired from a fun loving girl on vacation in Ibiza and is meant to let the inner you shine on through.

This Spring Peek will draw attention to your clothes, your smile and especially to your eyes. I also love how he paired the Beauty Spring Peek: Loose Waves & Center Parts with such a neutral face to create an ultra soft and effortless look.

To get this fresh faced and tan bronzed look at home,

  • Begin with foundation since it is the key to flawless looking skin. This foundation layer helps makeup stay on longer and also acts as a canvas to even out your skin tone so makeup colors look truer.
  • Next apply concealer, but remember that a little goes a long way. This will hide all! Use a thin makeup brush on your inner-eye corners first and gently work outward. Concealer helps cover under eye circles, blemishes and broken capillaries.
  • Then, lightly apply bronzer to the lowest part of your cheekbones and work your way outwards. This will create a gorgeous looking contour and give your cheekbones an instant lift!
  • Next, apply just a light dab of highlighter/luminizer to the upper portion of your cheekbones. Blend it well; outward and upward to achieve a barely-there radiance.
  • Lastly, you can use a powder if you are prone to shine but please use it sparingly so that you don't wind up looking chalky. Keep in mind that the less makeup you use, the more natural look you can achieve!