Here I am, fresh from the Chanel opening on Roberston Boulevard in LA. And boy do I have lots to dish. The store was very cool: Peter Marino designed, white block motif, outdoor courtyard, two levels, life size Chanel shoes and bags reminiscent of the Fall collection, mannequins wearing pieces from Chanel Paris-Londres Métiers d’Art Collection, bubbly flowing and PYTs galore. Spotted: Rachel Bilson, Angie Harmon, Leighton Meester, Michelle Trachtenberg, Kirsty Hume, Amber Valletta, Malin Ackerman, January Jones (from Mad Men) and Emma Roberts. Amidst all the fabulous chaos we were able to grab the witty January Jones and the adorable Emma Roberts for a few Fab words.

But first, here were the fashion highlights: Malin's sparkly Chanel jumpsuit, Bilson's hot pink sequin purse, January Jones' rebellious chain dress, Angie's coral accents and Amber Valletta's glowing skin. Alas, it wasn't all super fabulous. Fab goddess Linda Evangelista and Fabcon Kelly Wearstler were supposed to be in attendance and they weren't there — bum city. Oh well. Can I say January Jones was such a pleasure to talk to? We were seriously vibing and she was so smart and down to earth. Here she is!

Can we talk about your dress?

Of course. I went in today — I just flew in from London yesterday — so I ran in today and they know my taste and they had a couple of things picked out. I like things more on the edgy side. So, I got my chains.

And are you jet lagged?

I’m drinking my way out of it.

So Mad Men, can we talk about the wardrobe? How do you like the wardrobe, has it affected your personal style at all? How does it feel dressing in costumes of yesteryear?

I’ve always been a huge fan of vintage clothing. So the only downside is when I go shopping I can’t get anything from that’s late 50s/early 60s because then I wander around looking like Betty. I absolutely adore being in period outfits: the girdle, the stockings and the garter belts, the pointy bras. They have to add tips in there because modern women don’t have that shape. It’s interesting, it’s hard to get in and out of, but it’s fun.

To hear more about what January Jones had to say about Chanel and to see more Chanel fashion fun,

Is it comfortable?

Once you’re in it it’s okay. The first couple of episodes last year you had to learn the shallow breathing. But it makes you stand differently, and you hold yourself differently.

Three words to sum up Chanel.

Ummm. Can’t live without.

Can’t live without, that is three words! Very nice!

Yeah. I would say Karl Lagerfeld, but I don’t know his middle name.

Kaiser Karl Lagerfeld?

Kaiser Karl Lagerfeld!

Have you met him?

I’ve never met him. I just read The Beautiful Fall. I know he’s not a fan of the book. But it’s an amazing book about him from the '50s on up, he and Yves Saint Laurent. It’s an amazing book.

Did you see anything in the store that caught your eye?

Everything. It’s absurd, I wish I could afford it. Luckily I get to borrow it. I bought one of the bags over there recently, the metallic purple, the little metallic purple one. It has a really long chain so you can wear it across.

Stay tuned for more from the Chanel party and some Fab words with up-and-comer Emma Roberts!

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