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Bermuda Shorts Versus Board Shorts

Battle of The Shorts

The humidity is making us wilt in Williamsburg making it hard to focus on any style that isn't explicitly designed for ventilation. Thus we have had shorts on the brain. Network partner Ma Petite Chou is pondering how to style Bermuda shorts while The Budget Fashionista is having a high low moment with board shorts. Their posts got us thinking about the relative merits of Bermuda shorts versus board shorts. One of your editors is terrified of virtually any variety of short while the other rocks high waisted short shorts with the best of the hipster chicks, so obviously shorts are a hot topic around the office. And indeed, Bermudas and board shorts collectively run the gamut of stylistic options when it comes to baring one's legs. One offers coverage, relative modesty and even the occasional workplace garment while the other has a wealth of casual associations. Sure these styles seem categorically opposed, Bermudas work in the office while board shorts are for the beach right? Wrong! We happen to think other option can function in an urban environment, helping an overheated girl beat the summertime sweats as she runs from coffee shop to bar to home in the pursuit of the creative class dream. Who says you can't rock either style, dressing them up and down, swapping from long to short depending on your level of bloat (because face it even the slimmest of us have days when we want to cover up without impeding sweat evaporation). Our choices range from Nike to Martin Margiela, but in the end we think its the same family of style choices. Dress down a Bermuda with a Cassio G-Shock and flip flops, dress up a board short with Marni wedges, and keep yourself cool in the process.
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