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Best Blazers For Back-to-School Shopping 2012

Be an Academic Trailblazer (Emphasis on Blazer): 7 You Need Now

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Where academic success is concerned, you've got to walk the walk (or, in this case, dress the part) and talk the talk (go to class and study hard). While we can't guarantee you'll ace your first tests — although we hope you do! — we can help you put a sophisticated spin on your class-bound wares. One easy solution? The blazer. It's the perfect mix of menswear-inspired tailoring, clean lines, and classic preppy style, and more often than not, we're apt to conjure up images of our schoolgirl uniforms that came complete with this polished piece. We know the traditional tweed blazer isn't for everyone, we know that sometimes all you want to do is go for the bold-shouldered power look, and we know that, when in doubt, a well-structured black blazer can pull any outfit together. So we've culled the seven must-have styles that should be at the top of your back-to-school shopping list . . . because we also know you're primed and ready to be an academic (and sartorial) trailblazer.

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