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Best Fashion Gifts 2013

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Fashion and Beauty Director

The first gift I remember getting: I must have been 3 or 4, but I remember hearing bells at the other end of the house and my mother telling me Santa had come! There was the most beautiful porcelain doll of a cat in a maroon satin dress that is still in my childhood room at home.

The best gift I've ever received: My amazingly chic grandmother gave me her vintage coats that she got in Paris in the '60s. They are the warmest, prettiest coats I own, and I always wear them to Fashion Week in February. I love having a piece from my own personal fashion icon with me.

The best gift I've ever given: For my nephew’s first Hanukkah, I gave him a Mickey Mouse songbook with a mini keyboard. Not only does he now know every song by heart, he always tells people that it was a gift from “Aunt Meshishy.”

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