You may be a layering expert, but if you're not covering all the bases — head, ears, hands, and neck included — then you've still got some Fall styling to tend to. We're referring, of course, to the essential cold-weather trifecta: hats, gloves, and scarves. And if you don't have a cool mix of bundle-up pieces to keep you warm (or you're just looking to refresh the lineup), you've come to the right place for two reasons. Here you'll find a chic array of crochet knit beanies, ladylike driving gloves, text-friendly cable-knit mittens, fringed boho scarves, preppy plaid wraps, faux fur cossacks, and jewel-toned fedoras — 50 to be exact. And while we'd love to drape ourselves in cashmere until April, it's just not reasonable to empty our pockets every time the wind picks up. Thus, this roundup showcases our favorite 50 cold-weather accessories, all priced at $50 or less. Click on for the coziest 50-under-50 yet.