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Best Snoods | Winter 2012

It's So Much More Than a Scarf — 11 Snoods to Style Up All Season

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Where Winter accessories are concerned, the snood is king. Call it what you will — circle scarf, infinity scarf — by any other name it's just as cool. Why exactly? Scarves are a staple, yes, but the snood is quickly gaining popularity in our closets for its unmatched functionality. Because it's just one easy piece, it's that much easier to throw on in a hurry without worrying if you've tied or knotted it just the right way. It really does the work for you — add it on as a final layer for cozy comfort or just plain style (we're not judging). In supple, begs-to-be-touched furry finishes or in sweet knits and eye-catching prints and patterns, these pieces make it that much more possible to give your cold-weather outfit a cool-girl finish. Just click on to see why we're a little snood-obsessed as of late, and shop 11 of our favorites.

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