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Best Swimsuits For Your Body Shape: Belly 2011-05-11 09:06:37

Best Swimsuits For Your Body: Slim Your Belly

Six-pack abs not your reality? Don't worry. We're focusing on how to slim your belly with the right suit in part two of our swim guide. We've done the research on the best swimsuits to minimize that pesky — or cute, depending on how you look at it — belly. Here are the key tips:

Ruching: That gathering of fabric is an ingenious slimmer. The gathers create volume and texture, so you can't see extra bulge. Ruching is a totally feminine detail that provides automatic slimdown.

Banding: It's rather easy to trick the eyes, particularly with bands of color or well-placed piping. Look for suits that create the illusion of a slim waist (vertical lines, usually curved inwards toward your belly button) or with multicolored banding that separates bust from waist, with a darker color on the bottom.

Side ties: If a spare tire is what gets you, try a side-tie bikini, where the ties are thick. That bundle of extra fabric on the side helps create proportion to whatever extra you have on the sides.

Tankinis: It's the friendliest style, particularly if you look for looser tankini tops. There are plenty of styles that have sexy busts so you can still show off your curvacious figure. Look for tankinis with ruching or billowy shapes. Added bonus: you can always roll them up when you're sunning.
Click the slideshow to see our picks for the best suits, and click to shop.

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