Summer is a time for lighter makeup and bronzed skin. Or at least that is what the marketing materials tell us. Thus we shouldn't be so surprised that a tinted moisturizer for paler skin would be hard to find. After all, just because we are trying to go lighter with our foundation doesn't mean we don't want to go darker! Except, well we really do prefer to stay out of the sun. Community member 15 Minute Beauty seems to have the same trouble as our editors with finding a sheer and light tint for summer. She gives the thumbs up to Become Tinted Moisturizer but we just had to weigh in as well with a few product choices. Our choice for the palest of them all? Lancome Aqua Teinté is THE lightest tinted moisturizer we have been able to find on the market period. In natural it works on our skin even in the dead of winter. For More Blogger Shoutouts